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Country Sourdough

Country Sourdough

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Discover the rustic charm of our Country Sourdough, lovingly handcrafted from scratch in our home kitchen. This artisanal loaf features a blend of organic hard white and red wheat flours and organic dark rye flour. Using wild yeast and a slow fermentation process, it boasts a robust, crackling crust and a tender, airy crumb. Our Country Sourdough brings the comforting taste of homemade bread to your table. Enjoy it toasted with a smear of butter, as a base for a killer grilled cheese, or any way you like—this is our most versatile bread. Each loaf is lovingly packaged in a paper bread bag and comes with a care card to help you freeze and refresh your bread, ensuring it stays as delicious as the day it was baked.

Ingredients: organic unbleached wheat flour, spring water, organic whole wheat flour, organic dark rye flour, himalayan pink salt

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